Domaine Boisson Frère et Soeur

Burgundy, France

France’s Burgundy region produces some of the world’s greatest wines, across both red and whites.

The wines from Burgundy’s best-heralded producers are highly sought after worldwide. That’s why we’re honoured to introduce you to wines from Domaine Boisson Frère et Soeur. Up until recently, the wines from this estate were released under three different labels: Pierre Boisson, Anne Boisson and Boisson-Vadot. These labels were originally run collaboratively at the family’s Meursault cellars in south Burgundy, but have now been merged under a single winery banner.

Domaine Boisson’s vineyards are based mainly within Meursault and none of their wines contain any more than 30% new oak. Their beautiful and balanced examples of White Burgundy are rated as highly as the region’s other greats such as Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey, Roulot, Arnaud Ente, and Coche-Dury.

While importer Patrick Walsh was on his annual Burgundy pilgrimage to Domaine Leroy he was able to secure a small allocation from Domaine Boisson, after many years of trying. If you do a Google search on Boisson-Vadot you won’t find very much, which adds to the fascination about the domaine.

It is with great pleasure we offer the following wines. These are some of the finest, terrior driven examples of Chardonnay available today.