Maxime Magnon

Corbieres, France

Maxime Magnon is known as something of a reluctant hero in the wine world.
A native to Burgundy, he was not born with hereditary rights to a domaine. Instead, he makes his wine in the Corbières A.O.C, a large region with varied soil types and microclimates.

Magnon was fortunate to purchase prime parcels of old vines from abandoned plots and rents his cellar. He now manages nine parcels over eleven hectares, and his vineyards are both steep and high in altitude. Somehow, he manages to tend and produce the site on his own.

We mark his success down to his passion for wine and the environment; Magnon is part of a new wave of viticulteurs who cultivate their vines with respect for nature. It’s his goal to create a harmonious ecosystem in his vineyards. He’s certified organic, but also incorporates biodynamic practices into his vineyard management.