S.C Guillard

Burgundy, France

High-quality Red Burgundy offered at a reasonable price is, like the Holy Grail, truly difficult to locate! However, S C Guillard’s 2018 releases have just reached our shores and offer a value we are delighted to endorse.

Michel Guillard’s grandmother, Jeanne Lyonnet, born in 1882, created the domaine. Married in 1909, she saved enough to buy a few vines in 1913. When her husband Auguste, whom she nicknamed Henri IV, returned from the war, he found work labouring for some of the larger Gevrey Domaines (where his wife had previously worked as a maid). Surviving through hard times, it was only in 1937 they purchased Les Corbeaux, their first piece of premier cru.

Michel and his sister Odette took over the business in 1979; their parents retiring after two decades leading the operation. During their time they too had slowly added a few vineyards to those already owned. Work as a labourer was still undertaken to help to sustain the family business. The current generation shows a devoted admiration for their grandmother; the village maid who became a landowner when she bought a vineyard in one of Burgundy’s most sought-after locations; lauding her dedication and determination.