Maison Valette

Burgundy, France

Maison Valette has established itself as one of the most important wine producers in Burgundy, France. If you’re a fan of French wines, this is one producer you can’t pass up.
Mason Valette was developed in the 1970’s by Gerard Valette, one of the early pioneers of organic farming. Valette was lucky enough to gain access to some of the best vineyard holdings in the area. In the 1990’s Valette’s son Philippe came onboard and placed more focus on winemaking and cellar work. Phillippe is now considered in the same breath as some of France’s finest winemakers and the Valette wines are highly treasured through France and beyond.

The Valettes are big on family tradition, which is observed in their specific style of winemaking. Their wines are raised with thorough lees-contact and without racking. They have remained true to this style since the 1950s. This method requires accuracy and a painstaking knowledge of both indigenous yeasts and the wine’s proneness to develop reductive flavours.

It is an art, and the result is wines which have a level of concentration and intensity rarely seen these days.