2022 San Moro Fiano


Legend tells us that this white grape has found a home in the hills of Campania, Southern Italy, for well over two thousand years. Apianum, a truly ancient Roman wine, is believed to be a product of this variety.
Even today, this name appears on some wines from the region. Back then, in his writings, Pliny the Elder mentioned a grape variety called Vitis apiana. He spoke of its sweetness attracting honey bees (apis in Latin).
 It’s also possible that the same vine was cultivated by the Ancient Greeks. As language morphed across the ages, it’s believed the name changed to Apiano and hence to Fiano.
The warm Campanian climate suited this thick-skinned grape, combining ripeness gained with acidity retained. The resulting wine is recognised as being attractively aromatic, rich in both flavour and texture, and one which can age well in its bottle.
 This great value example from Puglia is one of the best $20 wines we have tried in some time. The perfect case buy.



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