2022 Sentio Aligote


While Aligoté may not be a household name in Australia, this characterful grape variety possesses unique qualities that make it well-suited to cold climates and resistant to diseases, making it a promising choice for cool marginal vineyards. Typically, Aligoté wines display light notes of stone fruit, apple, pear, and citrus, but riper examples can even exhibit exotic and aromatic characteristics.

As an old grape variety originating from Burgundy, Aligoté has experienced a decline in vineyard presence over the years, overshadowed by the more coveted Chardonnay. Nevertheless, it thrives in Burgundy, being the region’s second most planted white grape variety. However, given that most people associate Burgundy with Chardonnay alone, Aligoté’s significance may be underappreciated.

Sourced from the Darling Estate Vineyard in the Upper King Valley, this wine exudes brightness, freshness, and a vibrant vitality that captures the spirit of the region.



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