2021 La Rogerie Le Bouc Pinot Blanc and Auxerrois


 This exquisite wine is crafted by the collaboration of François Petit and Justine Boxler. Justine’s family are renowned for their Alsace domaine Albert Boxler, and François Petit, hailing from a Champenois family. The Champagnes emerging from François and Justine’s family domaine are among the most thrilling offerings from the region.

Their winemaking process for this wine involves a 2.5-hectare vineyard in Alsace, situated on the lower slopes of three villages with predominantly granite soil. The harvest sequence begins with Pinot blanc, transitions to Champagne, and concludes with Riesling back in Alsace. Despite this meticulous process, they manage to harvest earlier than their counterparts. All the wines undergo production and aging in Champagne barrels, with the wines remaining in the barrels until all residual sugar is absent.



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