2022 Marco De Bartoli Sole E Vento


Marco di Bartoli, renowned as one of the finest wine estates in Italy, has left an indelible mark on the world of Sicilian winemaking. While we mourn the loss of Marco, a remarkable individual who contributed immensely to Marsala production, his son Renato has stepped into his father’s shoes, carrying on the family legacy with remarkable finesse. Under Renato’s guidance, the winery’s portfolio has expanded, and the exploration of old local vines has been passionately pursued.

A wine that is the fruit of two territories characterized by sun and wind: Marsala and Pantelleria. A perfect blend combining the two native grapes that best represent Marco De Bartoli’s wines. A wine expressing in its innovative simplicity the structure of Grillo and the aroma of Zibibbo.

A wine that represents the structure, the aromatic notes and minerality of two noble wine-producing areas. Two important grape varieties whose characters complement each other in a single wine of balance and pleasure. Winery Notes




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