2019 Pierre-Henri Rougeot Meursault “Sous la Velle”


Pierre-Henri Rougeot creates dynamic, soulful and balanced wines, rippling with an avant-garde flair. Growing up in Meursault at the home of Domaine Rougeot, Pierre-Henri learnt first hand the work and life of a vigneron. In 2002 and 2003, Pierre-Henri attended Beaune Wine University, formalising the craft and passion that was already steeped in his DNA.

Pierre-Henri prefers to press both his white and red grapes using a modern version of an ancient vertical grape press. Although made with the latest technology, this unconventional press differs from the pneumatic, horizontal press preferred by most producers and produces higher acid extraction and greater clarity of must. The result is  dynamic, complex and elegant wines.

Both reds and whites are matured in supremely balanced, artisan oak barrels where indigenous yeasts within the oak are allowed to work their magic. The superior barrels give a grace and richness to the wines without overbearing oaky notes.

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