Springbank 10yo Local Barley 2021 Release


Established in 1828, Springbank is a revered Scottish whisky brand crafting single malts. Nestled in Campbeltown on Scotland’s Kintyre Peninsula, the distillery upholds a traditional whisky-making ethos, preserving age-old methods passed through generations.

Distinguished by its hands-on approach, Springbank conducts much of the whisky-making process internally, including labor-intensive barley malting—setting it apart from many distilleries.

Their annual release, The Local Barley, uses barley sourced from the Campbeltown vicinity. Each year, a local farmer cultivates barley exclusively for the distillery, ensuring a limited ‘grain to glass’ edition. Varying farms, barley strains, cask maturation, and aging duration yield diverse tasting profiles, offering customers a distinct experience with each batch.

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