NV Mouzon Leroux L’ascendant Solera


Every great region has at least one extraordinary individual that champions its unique character and terroir. In Verzy, that person is Sébastien Mouzon, an absolute dynamo, producing beautiful, incisive, and mineral Champagnes.

As part of the “third wave” of visionary grower-producers, Sébastien crafts some of the most vibrant, mineral-driven Champagnes known to us. With a family legacy dating back to 1776, Sébastien embraced biodynamics in 2008, witnessing a remarkable improvement in wine purity. His commitment to sustainable practices is evident in his agroforestry efforts, boasting over 1,000 trees on the estate. Cultivating 60 plots across Verzy’s diverse terroirs, Sébastien’s artisanal approach, extended lees aging, and minimal intervention result in restrained, elegant, and captivating Champagnes. A rising star on the global sommelier scene, Sébastien Mouzon’s wines are now creating a buzz in Australia, where enthusiasts seeking refined and incisive Champagnes find solace.

Disgorged October 2022. The current bottling of Mouzon’s solera cuvée, L’ascendant, is based on the 2017 vintage and complemented by 50% reserve wines which have been drawn from a perpetual reserve (à la Selosse, Bérêche, Laherte, et al.) established in 2010. The solera is topped up by 50% each year. The blend is approximately 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay and the wine is vinified entirely in seasoned oak. After 48 months on lees, it is disgorged with just one gram per litre dosage.

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