Kings County Distillery Bottled In Bond Bourbon Whiskey


Kings County was among the very first craft distillers to release a style of bourbon that can be considered the highest class of American Whiskey. Bottled-in-Bond is a designation that refers to American whiskeys (and some brandies) that are distilled, aged, and bottled entirely at one distillery, from a selection of barrels filled during a single season. Furthermore, the whiskey must be four years old and bottled at precisely 100 proof. From a Fall 2015 distilling season that yielded 23 53-gallon bourbon barrels, only the eight finest were selected for inclusion in this year’s white label Bottled-in-Bond release (batch #11). At six-and-a-half years, this is our oldest-ever blend of Bonded whiskey, as well as the first in our distillery’s history to exclusively utilize whiskey aged in standard-format cooperage. The result is an exceptionally balanced whiskey, and one that speaks more than ever to the rich history of the category: lightly toasted cinnamon and fully integrated oak leads into a medley of ripe berry fruits, thick caramel, and Medjool date, all backed by a lingering, sturdy finish. 

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