Domaine d’Aurensan Assemblage 15y Armagnac, 700ml


This domaine has been the family house of Propriétaires Récoltants for well over a century. They are based in Ténarèze in Armagnac by the foothills of the Pyrenees. There, they cultivate over five hectares of south-west facing vineyards on chalk, clay, sand and limestone soil. The Ténarèze distillate is reckoned by many to be the strongest-tasting Armagnac, reaching full flavour at a later age than any others.

The Domain d’Aurensan family vineyard tends Colombard, Folle Blanche, Ugni Blanc, and Plant de Grasse varietals throughout the year. The latter is a heritage example, matching a fat texture with a sustained aroma. Grapes are harvested at full maturity, offering low sugar and high acidity.

Sisters Caroline and Sophie head a new generation moving to biodynamic and organic viticulture. Their high humidity cellar allows for slow and progressive ageing. Fermenting with natural yeast, sulfur-free, to achieve the purest spirit. After ageing in local 420 litre Gascon wood casks, from oak trees grown on the estate itself, on-demand hand-bottling follows a no colouring, sugar or water (Triple Zero) philosophy.

Domain d’Aurensan’s unadulterated Armagnacs gloriously express the famed richness, expressions of dried dates and figs, and sweet spice, for which Ténarèze Armagnacs are both admired and loved.

Perfect when that winter chill descends – or any other time really.







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