2018 Domaine Belagrus Savennières ”Ruchères”


Domaine Belagrus owns two dozen hectares of truly superlative vineyards. Their names include “Les Quarts”,“Coteau des Treilles” and, “Clos des Ruchères”. Although not strictly so classified, they are simply accepted as being of Grand Cru quality.

Owner Ivan Massonnat is a true wine tragic who purchased the estate of the iconic Jo Pithon; consolidating this with other Anjou Noir prime acquisitions. It is expected that this domaine will radically change worldwide perceptions of Anjou wines. The arrival of a revolutionary in the Loire Valley?

At the base of La Roche-aux-Moines, at the beginning of the Côte des Forges, you’d find the “Clos des Ruchères” (monopole) resting on a hillside of purple schist rock; a rare find across this entire appellation area. Slate schists, often friable and deeply fractured, degrade to form a silky feeling clay. The soil layer is a thin one, roughly twenty centimetres in depth. It’s easy to imagine the vine roots, easing their ways eagerly between the slates to seek out both precious water and valuable mineral salts.

This is a tiny and steep plot, lovingly tended with the level of care given to their land by any passionate and dedicated gardener. From this comes a strong identity cuvée with terrific mineral attention. After two years of ageing in barrels, a wine of aromatic complexity and significant ageing potential unerringly finds its way to a home on our welcoming palates.


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