2023 Jumping Juice Carousal Chenin Blanc


Chenin Blanc stands out as the flagship white grape variety in France’s Loire Valley, crafting wines that span a wide spectrum – from lively and carefree sparklings to luxuriously sweet whites that rank among the world’s most enduring. However, the grape’s excellence extends beyond the cool climate of the Loire. It holds the title of South Africa’s primary white variety and thrives in the warmth of Western Australia’s Swan Valley, currently experiencing a renaissance. The influence of Chenin Blanc is not limited to the West, as winemakers from South Australia are also actively embracing its potential.
Mike Sleegers employs biodynamic farming practices in Margaret River to cultivate this exquisite example, which is subsequently crafted by Xavier and Patrick from Jumping Juice. This particular wine encompasses all the characteristic notes of Chenin, including green apple, lemon curd, and grapefruit, while maintaining a delightful tension, acidity, and, notably, a dry finish.




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