2022 Sailor Seeks Horse Dijon Clone Pinot Noir


We have two Pinot Noirs from our vineyard in 2022 – the, for-want-of-a-better-word, ‘estate’ Pinot Noir and then, for the frst time, a Dijon Clone Pinot Noir. 

Even though the 2022 season fell into another La Nina event, we had good rainfall early on and then, as seems normal these days, the tap was turned off in the new year. So we had a fairly pleasant, dry, if not particularly sunny summer with a return to more typical yields compared to 20/21/23. After the previous two years it was a relief to use a few more fermenters in the winery with the fruit tasting great and the end of the season finishing off ripening nicely. 

As the wines developed in barrel we tasted some blends and discovered a combination of the three low-yielding Djon clones (115, 114 and 777) resulted in a higher-toned, more spice-driven wine with a slightly denser palate weight than our normal Pinot. We loved it and so decided to bottle it separately! 

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