2021 Comando G La Bruja


Just a short hop from the bustle and hubbub of Madrid, and you’ll be admiring the cool, weathered ruggedness of the Sierra de Gredos. Underfoot are both alpine meadows and meagre, boulder-strewn scrub.
This is where one-time college friends Fernando Garcia and Daniel Landi both found themselves working. Almost fifteen years ago, they created Comando G. Thus began their purchase of small, occasionally almost inaccessible, vineyard plots hidden high in the Sierra.
Like some others, they set to work redefining the Garnacha grape. Originally viewed as a bit of a workhorse, their efforts have allowed it to bloom with finesse and elegance. They work with vines at least half a century old. The outcome is organically grown and hand-harvested results. Superb structure and precision, at a level to match the wines of Burgundy, means that Fernando and Daniel now produce some of Spain’s eagerly sought-after wines. 
La Bruja is the Spanish for ‘witch’ – thought to be a reference to the often-unfriendly climate. And we think you are likely to be bewitched by this superb Comando G wine. It presents beautifully as a light, toned, delicate and flavoursome aromatic wine. Enjoy delicate aromas of raspberry, and pomegranate in this much-admired beauty.


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