Ulysse Collin

Champagne, France

“There is little question Collin’s wines are now on the same level as those of his mentor, Anselme Selosse.”

Antonio Galloni, vinous.com

This is high praise indeed from Mr Galloni, but from the moment these champagnes touch your lips, you’ll get what the fuss is about. These wines are nothing short of spectacular.

Ulysse Collin is based in Cotéaux du Petit Morin. Here, most of the grapes are sold exclusively to larger producers.

That’s why Collin stands out. He’s an inquisitive winegrower who dares to be different. Only 24 kilometres from Epernay, the terrain in Cotéaux du Petit Morin is markedly different to the Champagne region, Côte des Blancs. The soils of Cotéaux du Petit Morin are diverse and contain rich chunks of black silex, which tends to produce wines with more flintiness. All of Collin’s wines are fermented and aged in natural oak.

Collin also tends a parcel of land in the Côte de Sézanne called Les Maillons. The deep clay and continental influence produces a superb terroir for Pinot Noir, and can ripen the grapes to 12% potential alcohol naturally. Collin bottles both his Blanc de Noir and Rosé de Saignée from his haven in Les Maillons.