2021 Occhipinti Bombolieri ‘BB’ Frappato


Arianna Occhipinti, a revered Italian wine producer with a growing global following, cultivates 18 hectares of certified organic native grape varieties. Her journey began tending two hectares of vines on her parents’ estate during her university days, where she was disheartened by the heavy reliance on chemistry and laboratory work. In contrast, her uncle Giusto Occhipinti of the renowned Sicilian COS estate embraced natural winemaking, a philosophy Arianna came to embrace wholeheartedly. Her wines are characterized by an earthy, almost unfiltered quality, emphasizing finesse over power.

Here we are situated on a point with high limestone content in the soil, facing the Serra San Bartolo. Here the lands can vary from colours of deep chestnut to white, but the surface’s layer of sand is decisively lower: only 25 cm. Just below this thin layer you will find solid limestone. In a part of this contrada you will find more clay-limestone soil, visibly different with more of a presence of white on its surface. It’s here, in the Vigna Strada that this wine is born, oral and straightforward, with highly persistent acidity.

And the grape? Frappato, our long historical variety of Vittoria, to which I am particularly attached to since the beginning of my path, can present itself as delicate, austere, and bloody. In any case, I would like Frappato to be considered as an instrument available to transmit the terroir, and not the sole purpose. Only what we tread, smell, perceive around us every day, goes straight into the wines. That is our purpose.

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