2019 Farmingham Classic Riesling


Although not seen very often in the Australian market, New Zealand Riesling offers another exciting aromatic white option. Over 90% of Riesling is grown in the South Island, where the climate is ideally suited with cool, long, dry, sunny autumns, and low humidity. The styles range from bone dry to lushly sweet and we believe we have found a great value gem from one of NZ’s premier producers of this noble grape.

Every year, our Classic Riesling comes together from our venerable selection of some of New Zealand’s oldest Riesling grapevines. We hand-select small parcels from each long-established vine to get a medley of different fruit characteristics, ranging from Meyer Lemon to Mandarin Orange. The result is as deliciously complex as you’d hope from a life this well lived. Winery Notes

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm