2019/20 Domaine de la Tour du Bon Bandol Rose


Bandol is a key appellation of the Provence wine region in far south-eastern France. Created in 1941, the title covers red, white and rosé wines from roughly 1550 hectares (3830 acres)

Bandol rosé wines, which account for about a third of total output, are known for their spicy, earthy character and rank among the more distinguished rosés that France has to offer.

Produced from Grenache, Cinsault, Mourvèdre and Clairette
Is always seriously attractive, the colour a radiant bright red-pinkish orange and you are transported straight to the Mediterranean. 

Agnes is a very thoughtful person, she is also not afraid to experiment when she thinks the result will be better or amazing; so she thought to improve her already stunning and lauded Rose by blending two vintages together – this way she would be able to blend for complexity and freshness together – the spice and the citrus – what a masterstroke and I would not be surprised to see others follow this.The mouthfeel is as usual dry and racy on entry but with good depth offering elegant yet punchy flavours that are zesty and attractive. The wine finishes dry, nicely complex  and has a length and a resonating spiciness with a hint of garrigue – a beauty!

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