2018 Sentio Chardonnay


Born and raised in Beechworth, Chris Catlow is rapidly gaining a deserved reputation as one of the outstanding young guns of Australian wine. With a double degree in wine and viticultural science, and then experience with a range of vintages elsewhere, Chardonnay is now his main focus and this Beechworth Chardonnay offers a superbly refined yet complex combination for you truly to savour.


Critic Review

In a heartbeat. I would drink this. And buy this. It’s a wine of understated flavour, high texture, satisfaction and finesse. It builds as it progresses through the palate. Like a train, surging. It’s all stone fruit and nut, a hint of vanilla, cool tones but flesh. You can tell it’s been in oak, it has that woody afterwards. That woody afterwards; I had to type it again. Beechworth is a pretty harsh place. Hot, cold and rocky. Vines don’t thrive there, they resist. No wonder Kelly made a stand there. Upright power; that’s what this wine has.


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